Monday, May 19, 2008

An Awesome Sunday in May

Everything was normal about yesterday, get up, hurry up, get ready for church, and make it there just in time. The weather was great, well except for a little rain. And our pastor shared an awesome message. The message was R U Sure ~ with two questions, am I unchanged? am I unchallenged? At the end of the message he asked for anyone who needed to know Jesus and be changed and/or be challenged to come forward and talk with a pastor ~ and many did! Some of our old friends were re-visiting our church and both of their teenage children came forward to make public decisions for Jesus and to learn more about baptism. I don't think when they were getting ready for church yesterday that their morning was much different from ours, but it turned out to be a "God was there" day for them and for all of us. Another lady who came forward had met a church member the day before at her yard sale. She is new to the area and had simply been invited to come to our church and she too had a "God was there" day. There were couples and a senior lady who joined our church yesterday. Husbands, wives, teenagers and one sweet little girl who made decisions. I know "God was there" with us yesterday at Capshaw and I look forward to getting back next week to see what else he has in store for our church.