Monday, November 10, 2008

Where did September and October Go?

Soccer - that's where! The soccer season is over and the fall leaves are turning and they are beautiful again this year. Katie played her last year at U12 and Ashlie played her 2nd year at U10. Both girls had lots of fun and Katie stopped many goals and Ashlie scored many goals. Hopefully life can slow down a bit before the holiday season gets into full swing and we can enjoy a few Saturdays at home!

Our church is in revival this week and we have really enjoyed listening to Ronnie Hill and his AMAZING story. I know that I am here for a reason and at least one reason is to make sure I tell people about the love of Jesus Christ.

In October, I had an opportunity to talk with a painter about Jesus and he had so many questions that I couldn't answer. I realize now that I did all I could to let him know about the love of Jesus - it is up to him to accept or reject it. I am thankful for Ronnie's message and his encouragement to believers to keep telling the story of the love of Jesus and lives will be changed.