Saturday, October 17, 2009

Learn something new everyday

It has been way too long and there are so many pictures that tell so many stories - but this post is simply about me learning new ways to add pictures to this blog (in easier and faster ways - picasa seems to be the method of choice). And I am also playing with google sites for creating a website - again the most time consuming part so far is dealing with pictures and again picasa seems to be very helpful - not surprising since both are google driven.

So let's try to use picasa to add a slideshow of some uploaded photos now.

Okay this is working and it really is pretty simple.

So I created a new web album on picasa and uploaded small images (to help with loadin speed - for here and the webpage). And then I went to the album, clicked on link to this album and then the embed slideshow link appears and from there the code above appears in a window for cutting and pasting into the blog/webpage.

Oh - but why the title. Well, I am on a mission to try and learn something new as often as possible. So today was a good day and I learned something new. So hopefully, I will continue to learn new things that will make the posts to the blog as easy as possible and hopefully with a little more creativity along the way.