Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Recognizing Jesus @ Work

I have neglected the blog for oh so long - where has 2010 gone?

2010 has brought me to a new understanding of my need for learning more about the love of Jesus and more about His word and what His plan for my life really is. I know that Jesus loves me and he died for me and I will someday get to see him in heaven - but what about here and now on earth? What does he want me to do? He wants me to be in constant communication with Him - i.e. pray and read/study his word. He wants me to listen to Him - i.e. pray and read/study his word. He wants me to love and serve him - i.e. pray and apply his word.

I know Jesus is alive and at work right this very moment and I want to always be aware of this fact. I want to be able to recognize when God is working in my life. I want to thank Him for the blessings that He continually pours out on me and my family.

I want to remember one Saturday morning when our church encourager ministry meeting was scheduled and I hadn't committed to going because I actually was going to get to have a free morning. I never committed to going because something would probably come up and fill the morning and then I would have to de-commit. Friday night came and my morning was still free - GREAT! I felt I should consider going to the training. Saturday morning - time slot still open - I go to the training. The Lord prompted me to go and I responded with the right answer. The training was going good and an older lady shows up at church looking for a Sunday School Christmas party. I had met this lady last fall at Bible Study. I remembered her last name and was able to talk with her - she doesn't know very many people at church (she is fairly new) and she doesn't hear as well as most. She hangs out with me in the class and I decide to leave and make a phone call or two to see if I can find out where this party is located. I notice a van pull up at the Senior building while I am on the phone and head across the parking lot to see if maybe she was just a little early and now someone else has actually arrived for the party. When I reach the building (after avoiding 3 little neighborhood dogs) I talk to a dear sweet lady who knows about the party and knows this new lady. But here is the cool part! She was at the Senior building for just a few minutes to meet someone to ride to a funeral together and she planned on returning later in the day for the party. It was 11:00 in the morning and the party wasn't until 5:00 that evening. I returned to the other building (again avoiding the little dogs) and was able to tell the lady about the time for the party - so she went home with this new information and did in fact return to the party later that night.

This training was scheduled by God for this day and time. My schedule remained clear so I could respond to the Holy Spirit's prompting me to attend. This lady arrived early and there were people at church (not a normal Saturday morning activity). I was able to leave the training at just the right time to find another lady who had all the answers. I am so thankful that I was able to see God's hand at work in all of these events.