Sunday, August 10, 2008

A New Chapter or Two

Mamaw is visiting around to all the children and appears to be doing well even though she still misses Papaw. Last week she stayed with us and it was a good visit. We were able to take her to visit her half-sister one day. And she helped watch Miss Sydney while I worked in the yard several days. And this weekend, she was able to go home for a few days and Mike was able to work in the yard at the farm (a bit more yard than at home)! So for Mamaw ~ life is moving on and the sadness is getting better each day.

The big girls are back at school. A 3rd grader and a 6th grader. Wow! Soccer started last week and the weather was mostly pleasant - a rainy Thursday cancelled one practice, but it also helped bring some milder weather for the rest of the week and weekend! Girl Scouts will start next week and dance the next (so we are slowly getting back into the full fall schedule).

Church will begin a new chapter today ~ Pastor Brandon will lead us in worship beginning today. The girls and I had were able to help out at church over the weekend and Katie saw Pastor Brandon out the window and she was so excited that she was going to get to meet him and know him better. And I know we all will experience worship at church in a whole new way thanks to his preparation and prayer.

This week AWANA begins at church and little Miss Sydney will begin Cubbies and the big girls will be in their first and last years of T&T. I will be moving from Sparks to T&T to be with Katie in her last year. May the Lord continue to bless this ministry at Capshaw and all who attend.

Next Sunday our church will vote to make a very Godly lady a full-time director of preschool and children. I thank God for her and for her willingness to let others come along side her and help as the Lord leads. I will be praying for her and the vote this week.