Saturday, October 17, 2009

Learn something new everyday

It has been way too long and there are so many pictures that tell so many stories - but this post is simply about me learning new ways to add pictures to this blog (in easier and faster ways - picasa seems to be the method of choice). And I am also playing with google sites for creating a website - again the most time consuming part so far is dealing with pictures and again picasa seems to be very helpful - not surprising since both are google driven.

So let's try to use picasa to add a slideshow of some uploaded photos now.

Okay this is working and it really is pretty simple.

So I created a new web album on picasa and uploaded small images (to help with loadin speed - for here and the webpage). And then I went to the album, clicked on link to this album and then the embed slideshow link appears and from there the code above appears in a window for cutting and pasting into the blog/webpage.

Oh - but why the title. Well, I am on a mission to try and learn something new as often as possible. So today was a good day and I learned something new. So hopefully, I will continue to learn new things that will make the posts to the blog as easy as possible and hopefully with a little more creativity along the way.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Centri-Kid Camp - June 2009

Better late than never I say. So flip the calendar back to June 2009 and let's pretend we just returned from camp. Katie and Ashlie both took their friends - Harmony and Grace. And I was able to go this year - Katie's last year and Ashlie's first year! The pictures tell the story ~

An extra special part of Centri-Kid camp for me ... was a visit from my college roommate and her daughters.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Picking up sticks ~ turns into playing in puddles!

Katie stayed home from school with allergies and ear infection - and after visiting the doctor is feeling well enough to help Sydney with a little project. Sydney and I were planning to go to pick up sticks (so Katie joined us). Sydney always wants to pick up sticks every time we go to church and we won't let her (trying to keep her clean). Well today was her day to pick up some sticks - and she did pick up a few. But quickly she found mud and I (being the older and wiser of the two of us) sent her to the "clean" puddle to get the mud off her shoes. And the pictures tell the rest of the story!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Can you really tell the difference?

Last night the 5th and 6th grade girls participated in an m&m taste test ~ can you really tell the difference between the colors? Well, after our test - I think that some can and most can't. And the moral of this story was ~ it's what's inside that's so good - CHOCOLATE! And when using this to make a biblical comparison - we need to remember that God made us all and he made us all different - and we need to make sure we don't judge others by what we see on the outside. We need to get to know people on the inside.

And about the history of the blue m&m? Over 10 million people voted to add blue to the color mix in 1995! And if you really want to learn more about the history of the m&m - go here.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Giving thanks ~ Even for the little things

A typical Monday, clean the house that gets so messy over the weekend. Do laundry - is it ever really done? And even look through the entire house, garage, and van for the missing church bag and library book (you know I don't want to buy a book we can't even find)! Pray for a friend having a medical procedure today. Well, it was a good day. The house is on it's way to being clean (at least for a little while) and the laundry is almost done (close enough) and we found the missing church bag at church of all places and the library book was found on the bookshelf (a good place for books you own - not library books) after bribing the girls to help look one more time with ice cream and oreos! So the girls are eating their reward and for this Monday full of events I am thankful. And our dear friend, Nancy's procedure is over and she is at home feeling fine and is awaiting the results - so we will continue to pray for her health and healing.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A New Year - 2009 - WOW!

It seems like yesterday is was just 1999 and now it's 10 years later. Thanksgiving came and went, Christmas came and went and January 2009 is here and going so fast. We were able to visit with lots of family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was really great seeing everyone and spending time together. The big girls performed in our church Christmas musical and they did an awesome job and Sydney sang her songs while dressed as a cute little cow. It was fun having all 3 girls in a performance together and it was sad to know that it will probably be the last as Katie will be moving up to the youth next year leaving little sisters behind. Well they do say - time flies when you are having fun - so we are having way too much!