Monday, January 12, 2009

Giving thanks ~ Even for the little things

A typical Monday, clean the house that gets so messy over the weekend. Do laundry - is it ever really done? And even look through the entire house, garage, and van for the missing church bag and library book (you know I don't want to buy a book we can't even find)! Pray for a friend having a medical procedure today. Well, it was a good day. The house is on it's way to being clean (at least for a little while) and the laundry is almost done (close enough) and we found the missing church bag at church of all places and the library book was found on the bookshelf (a good place for books you own - not library books) after bribing the girls to help look one more time with ice cream and oreos! So the girls are eating their reward and for this Monday full of events I am thankful. And our dear friend, Nancy's procedure is over and she is at home feeling fine and is awaiting the results - so we will continue to pray for her health and healing.

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