Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy New Year and the Vols win! What a trip ~ we saw family and friends and traveled many miles through several states. The girls were real troopers and the van is a complete mess. Aren't family vacations fun? A big thanks to our friends for the use of their little cabin in the Canaan Valley that is filled deer (we counted over 200 during our stay). We arrived Christmas Eve evening and the girls found the loft immediately and started playing with all the stuff. They quickly decided who would be sleeping where - even the little girl slept upstairs. Christmas morning the girls opened presents, presents and more presents. The next day we went snow skiing and the big girls started out in ski school and never looked back - they both can ski better than Mom and Dad. All week we waited and waited for snow - none came. But thanks to a snow fence in the field right near the cabin there was a patch of snow that remained and the girls played on it and even managed to build a snowman. Our friends joined us in their cabin for our last night. They took us to a great place for dinner and one last movie in the cabin before we had to start home. Back at home the football games are on, the big girls are visiting friends and the little girl is taking a nap. So I want to wish you all peace, joy, and love for this new year!

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