Thursday, February 7, 2008

Serving the Lord while you clean?

I send an e-mail asking for help at 7:00. I get a few responses. I have a plan.
I will get there at 6:30, determine the needs, get started sweeping and direct the help as it arrives.

6:15 the phone rings, "We're here, what do you want us to do?" My first thought is ... I want you to leave and come back at 7:00 ... but wait someone is there to help so I tell them to start cleaning and I quickly drive over. I see lots of cars already in the parking lot. I am so excited about all the help that is there and early! I enter the building and only a few people are there. Tuesday, 6:30, and I remember DT and Precept classes - that explains all the cars.

Okay, back to reality, and remember it is only 6:30. So we start cleaning and more people arrive. The evening is unusually warm for February and tornados are already to the west and headed our way before morning. But even more and more people join the work. Over 25 people helped clean our former sanctuary turned youth building that night. It was clean and ready for carpet installation the next day ~ mission accomplished.

It was a great evening of serving the Lord together with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and knowing everyone probably could have been somewhere else doing something else. The Lord truly blessed our evening and our area was spared from the tornadoes. So thank you Lord for watching over us and keeping us safe! And thank you friends for serving the Lord while you clean.

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