Thursday, February 21, 2008

The ups and downs of February

Growing up! That's what's happening at our house. Our girl number three is 3! Right before our very eyes she has grown up - she walks, she talks, she runs, she even talks back (sad face)! We're working on that with all the girls ... oh where, oh where have the good manners gone!

A day later I am in Bible study learning about encouraging each other. Wow, that really hit home - am I an encourager of others or not?

The next day a phone call about a decision that was made. I don't agree with the decision and am truly disappointed by the reasoning behind the final decision. Something that started out as a way to show respect to a much deserved group of people has turned into something that will not allow me to think of this group of people in the same way again. But was it the group or few individuals that made the decisions based on their wants/reasons?

And now back to encouraging, my husband and I received a note thanking us for teaching Sunday School. One of our students, a second grade boy (and his Mom) have done exactly what we all need to be doing ... encouraging one another!

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